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ICON Gaming Chair - White/Black


Taking the luxury and attention to detail of the noblechairs lineup and blending it with an uncompromising aesthetic - the ICON has a style that embodies the adage that quality speaks for itself.

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Product information:

ICON Gaming Chair - White/Black

Features of the noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

The noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair at a Glance:

  • Premium perforated PU imitation leather
  • Comfortable & breathable cold-foam upholstery
  • Exceptional durability due to high-strength material
  • Maximum adjustability thanks to 4D armrests
  • Adjustable tilt mechanism and backrest
  • Quiet 60-mm caster wheels for hard- and soft-flooring
  • Two comfortable pillows included
  • Suitable for users up to 180kg

noblechairs European Hardware Awards 2018

European Hardware Awards 2018

At Computex 2018 in Taipei (Taiwan) the European Hardware Association bestowed the noblechairs ICON series the sought-after European Hardware Award 2018 in the "Best Gaming Chair" category, awarding them their well-earned crown for their superb series.

The award and all other award winners can be viewed here.

Here at Caseking we would like to extend our congratulations on their win!

Durable Materials & Premium Workmanship

Durable Materials & Premium Workmanship

Of course noblechairs also relies on precision machine-only manufacturing, as this is what makes the renowned perfection of noblechairs possible. Similar to the high-precision production lines of car manufacturers, robot arms create the steel frame ensconced within all noblechairs. This affords not only a flawless manner of construction, but also an extremely durable one that removes any shadow of a doubt over its durability over time. Even the coverings of the chair are created by industrial embroidery machines as no other method can guarantee the same consistency and quality of results.

The distinguished design of the noblechairs series also takes the form of a discrete black aluminium plate adorned with the silver noble logo as well as the enlarged noblechairs logo which is embossed into the headrest, allaying any doubt as to your membership of the noble-club.

Premium Cushioning with Exceptional Durability

Premium Cushioning with Exceptional Durability

The development of the ICON Series meant getting back to basics and returning to the drawing board, and the cushioning of the chair in respect to ergonomics has been improved. First and foremost this is noticeable in the optimised backrest, which now offers even better lumbar support.

The cushioning of the chair consists of porous, deformation-resistant cold foam with an extremely high 55% density which, in the long term, retains its breathable and dimensionally stable characteristics. In comparison to other gaming chairs an executive chair from noblechairs utilises a full steel frame ensconced within its upholstery.

The Perfect Position for Every User

The Perfect Position for Every User

The overhauled 4D armrests now better match the overall image of the chair, also enabling adjustment in four dimensions to allow every user to experience the perfect position for themselves.

Apart from the smooth rocking mechanism allowing the chair to tip up to 11°, the backrest can also be adjusted from 90° to 135°. Two comfortable pillows for the neck and lumbar region round out the offering and completes this gaming chair for champions.

Designed for Hard & Soft Flooring

Designed for Hard & Soft Flooring

The base of the ICON Series from noblechairs is formed from a newly improved, powder-coated five-point base consisting of solid aluminium and special casters. These 60mm casters have nylon cores and a polyurethane coating. As a result of the materials they are soft, quiet during movement, and equally suited to soft and hard flooring. The hydraulic gas lift is safety class 4 certified and, in combination with the newly optimised base, suited for a maximum load of up to 180kg.

Noblechairs Noblechairs Accessories

Upgrade Your Throne with Premium Accessories from noblechairs!

These premium chairs deliver, without a shadow of a doubt, a sublime seated experience straight out of the box, and the only way this could be improved upon is with the help of premium accessories from noblechairs. In order to adjust the gaming chair to perfectly fit the requirements of the user, noblechairs offers practical 60 mm hard floor casters with automatic brakes which bring to an end any unwanted forward or backwards sliding during use. Additionally shorter gas lifts offer a lower height to the seat, thereby enabling optimal comfort for smaller users.

Noblechairs Footrest

Maximise Your Comfort While Optimising Your Posture!

The comfort offered by noblechairs is well established, but investing in ergonomic accessories is not just a sensible idea, it's a way of taking preemptive action against the negative side-effects that arise with poor posture over the long term. In bringing the noblechairs footrest to market, the team noblechairs team has created just such an accessory. The noblechairs footrest not only maximises comfort, it is also back-friendly and helps maintain circulation. In minimising the load placed on the feet and back, the footrest makes a significant contribution to a natural and healthy posture. Benefits to your posture and comfort aside, the aesthetics of the chair are nothing less than stellar given the stunning craftsmanship and the choice of materials that went into making this premium accessory.

Technical Details:

  • Height Specifications:
    Total Height (with base): ca. 128-138cm
    Seat Pan Height (with base): ca. 48-58cm
    Backrest Height: ca. 86 cm
    Inner Backrest Width: ca. 29.5cm
    Outer Backrest Width (widest point): ca. 52cm
    Inner Seat Surface Area: ca. 34 cm
    Outer Seat Surface Area (widest point): ca. 51.5cm
    Depth Seating Area: ca. 49cm
    Depth Seating Area (without base): ca. 57cm
    Armrest Width: ca. 10 cm
    Armrest Depth: ca. 24.5cm
  • Weight:
    ca. 28 kg
  • Rocking Mechanism Tilt:
    max. 11°
  • Backrest Adjustability:
    90° to 135°
  • Material:
    Steel (frame)
    Cold Foam (upholstery)
    PU Leather (cover)
    Aluminium (base)
    Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
    Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Colour:
    White / Black
  • Maximum Weight:
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee:
    2 Years
  • Features:
    Practical rocking function
    4D Armrests with maximum adjustability
    Adjustable backrest angle (90 to 135 degrees)
    Adjustable seat height
    Comes with two comfortable cushions
    Deform-resistant cold foam
    Durable hydraulic gas lift (class 4)
    Strong full aluminium five-point base
    60mm casters for hard and soft flooring
    Sturdy core constructed from steel
    Maximum 180 kg load

1 Month Comfort Guarantee

We are that confident you’ll love your new noblechair, in the unlikely event you aren’t 100% happy, Overclockers UK will arrange collection of your chair and offer a full refund*.

*Terms and conditions apply

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