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EPIC Gaming Chair - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Edition


Breathable gaming chair from noblechairs Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport design Upholstered in vegan PU leather in black with Petronas-green and silver accents 60 mm casters & 4D armrests

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Product information:

EPIC Gaming Chair - Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Edition

Features of the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair

The Features of the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair in the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Edition:

  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport logo on the head- and backrest
  • Premium PU leather cover
  • Superb detailing and carbon aesthetic
  • PETRONAS Green stitching and silver belt guides
  • Robust metal base
  • Comfortable & breathable cold-foam upholstery
  • Adjustable in 4 directions
  • Top quality rocking mechanism with metal grip
  • Large, quiet-running 60 mm casters
  • 2 Pillows included

noblechairs European Hardware Awards 2017 & 2019

European Hardware Awards 2017 & 2019

noblechairs are proud to have received the crowning 'best gaming chair' award for the second time at Computex 2019. The coveted award was presented for their EPIC series by the prestigious European Hardware Association, who comprise of 9 of the largest independent technology news & review sites from across the continent. The award was decided by over a hundred reviewers across Europe and given in recognition of the impact that the EPIC series made within the market since their launch with multiple best-in-class awards and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Here at OcUK we would like to congratulate noblechairs on their well-deserved victory!

Attention to detail

Attention to Detail

The stitches on the seams and backrest have been made with the help of ultra-precise industrial sewing machine and this offers an elegant contrast to the black PU leather. A durable, oval-shaped aluminium plaque with the silver noblechairs logo at shoulder height and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport on the front and rear of the headrest help round out the overall design of this gaming throne.

Durable and robust

Durable and Robust

The cushioning of this chair consists of deformation-resistant cold foam with an exceptionally high 55% density. The breathable cold foam improves airflow while simultaneously maintaining its form, even over long periods of use. Standing in stark contrast to competing gaming chairs, noblechairs offers a solid steel frame ensconced within the upholstery.

Optimum Position

Achieving the Optimal Position for Every User

The 4D armrests of noblechairs are adjustable in four dimensions, making it possible for anyone to find the perfect sitting position. The high backrest can be adjusted to an angle of 135° and the cushions bundled with the chair add an ergonomic and aesthetic flourish to the chair. The small cushion supports the neck and the large cushion supports the lumbar region. The elastic supports the lumbar region. The elastic straps on the cushion enable the cushion to be firmly attached to the chair and the height customised in accordance to the precise needs of the user.

Suitable for Hard- & Soft Flooring

Suitable for Hard- & Soft Flooring

The base of the gaming chair from noblechairs is formed from a five-point powder-coated base consisting of solid aluminium as well as five 60 mm casters with nylon cores that make them equally at home on hard- and soft flooring. Additionally, the Safety Class 4 gas lift used here is designed to support up to 150 kg.

Noblechairs Accessories

Upgrade Your Throne with Premium Accessories from noblechairs!

These premium chairs deliver, without a shadow of a doubt, a sublime seated experience straight out of the box, and the only way this could be improved upon is with the help of premium accessories developed by noblechairs themselves. In order to adjust the gaming chair to perfectly fit the requirements of the user, noblechairs offers practical 60 mm hard floor casters with automatic brakes, which bring to an end any unwanted forwards or backwards sliding during use. Additionally, shorter gas lifts enable a reduction in the total height of the seat, thereby enabling optimal comfort for smaller users.

noblechairs Footrest

Maximise Your Comfort with Optimised Ergonomics!

Investing in ergonomical accessories helps you reap the benefits of improved posture and comfort over time. The noblechairs foot rests have been developed at noblechairs for just such a scenario. The noblechairs foot rest maximises not only the comfort aspect, but also happens to be highly ergonomic and beneficial for your comfort over extended periods of time. It helps take pressure off your feet and back, contributing to a natural and healthy seated posture. The premium quality materials combined with the elegant design make this accessory the perfect complement to your chair.

noblechairs footrest

The Perfect Care Kit for Your Gaming Throne!

The noblechairs premium care and cleaning kit is designed for use with both real- and PU leather chairs, ensuring not only that your seat remains clean, but that it stays looking new for longer - while also smelling of fresh leather. To do this, the set offers to colour-neutral cleaning fluids, one that cleans while the other creates a protective layer over the surface of the gaming chair while also giving it that fresh leather smell.

Packaged in attractive dispensers, the cleaning- and maintenance kit includes microfibre clothes as well as a high-quality application sponge. Naturally this is then given the appropriately attractive packaging that does justice to the noblechairs name.

Gaming Chair Review

The professionals from gaming-stuhl.de gave the noblechairs EPIC Real Leather Gaming Chair an extensive test

From initial impressions, to the build quality, comfort and the adjustability options, whether in Real- or PU leather, we have only positive things to say about this gaming chair.


"The noblechairs EPIC Real Leather Gaming Chair deserves 6 stars: This epic and innovative product sets new standards in terms of design, craftsmanship and material quality. No matter which way you look at it, this is an absolutely high-end luxury product for which the term "premium" almost doesn't seem to quite do it justice. This is clearly a must-buy!"

Technical Details:

  • Height:
    Total height (with base): approx. 129.5 - 139.5 cm
    Seat pan height (with base): approx. 48 - 58 cm
    Backrest height: approx. 87 cm
    Backrest width: approx. 29.5 cm
    Backrest width (exterior, widest point): approx. 54.5 cm
    Inner seat surface area: approx. 35 cm
    Outer seat surface area (widest point): approx. 56 cm
    Depth of seating area: approx. 49.5 cm
    Total depth (without base): approx. 56.5 cm
    Minimum height of armrests: approx. 66.5 cm
  • Weight:
    approx. 27 kg
  • Angle of rocking mechanism:
    max. 11°
  • Material:
    Steel (frame)
    Cold foam (upholstery)
    PU leather (cover)
    Aluminium (base)
    Nylon / Polyurethane (casters)
    Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Colour:
    Black / PETRONAS Green / Silver / White
  • Maximum load:
    150 kg
  • Manufacturer's guarantee:
    2 Years
  • Certifications:
    UK Fire safety compliance: BS 5852
  • Features:
    Premium Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Design
    Practical rocking mechanism
    4D-armrest adjustability
    Adjustable angle of the backrest (up to 135 degrees)
    Versatile seat height
    Includes pillow for lumbar support and neck
    Deformation-resistant cold foam
    Safety Class 4 gas lift
    Strong 5-point aluminium base
    60 mm casters for hard- and soft flooring
    Robust steel core construction