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EPIC Gaming Chair - Black/Gold


One-of-a-kind luxury gaming chair by noblechairs in black-gold with 100% vegan faux leather cover premium design high-precision manufacturing plus ample features & adjustment options.

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Product information:

EPIC Gaming Chair - Black/Gold

noblechairs European Hardware Awards 2017

European Hardware Awards 2017

noblechairs are proud to have received the crowning 'best gaming chair' award at Computex 2017 for their EPIC series from the prestigious European Hardware Association, who comprise of 9 of the largest independent technology news & review sites from across the continent. The award was decided by over a hundred reviewers across Europe and given in recognition of the impact that the EPIC series made within the market since their launch with multiple best-in-class awards and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Overclockers UK congratulates noblechairs on this well-deserved victory!


Delightful aesthetics, finest details and choice materials

The chairs' elegance is furthered by many loving details like the subtly debossed logo that crests the headrest above an elliptical aluminium emblem with relief lettering which adorns the backrest. The breathable imitation leather cover is perforated in the contact zones for ideal aeration and possesses an intriguing surface texture that emulates real leather perfectly. This black-blue version of the noblechairs PU imitation leather range of gaming chairs comes with golden seams along with a black logo patch with golden embroidery and its easy-to-clean black artificial leather is nicely framed by black faux velour leather stripes. Combined with a stunning list of features the noblechairs EPIC series indubitably constitutes the pinnacle of gaming chair development.

Only choice materials and advanced features:

  • Timeless and classy luxury car look "Designed in Germany"
  • Covering made of 100% vegan polyurethane (PU) imitation leather
  • Coloured seams, fine embroidery and perforated contact zones for best aeration
  • A sturdy frame that consists of solid steel
  • Height-adjustable safety class 4 gas lift
  • Comfy & breathable high-density cold foam upholstery straight from the factory
  • Durable five-star base and logo emblem made of pure aluminium
  • 60 mm casters with nylon core and PU coating for soft and hard floors
  • Softly cushioned 4D armrests made of PU
  • Advanced rocking mechanism up to 14°
  • Flexible adjustment options for individual adaptability
  • Two pillows included for the lumbar and neck area
  • Reinforced outer packaging for safe and sound delivery
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty most obligingly handled by OCUK

A plethora of features with plenty of adjustment options

An advanced rocking mechanism, that allows for rocking the chairs up to 14 degrees, is accompanied by softly cushioned 4D armrests made of polyurethane, 360-degree swivel rotation, flexibly adjustable seat height via a safety class 4 gas lift and a sturdy steel frame mounted atop a durable five-star-base made of pure aluminium.

The pertaining five smoothly running 60 mm casters with nylon core and polyurethane coating are attached to the base and equally suited for soft and hard floors. The noblechairs gamer seat's tilt positions can be locked and the tilt tension can be dynamically adjusted. Also the angle between backrest and seating area can be statically adjusted through a practical side lever.


Upgrade your throne with premium accessories from noblechairs!

The first class chairs from noblechairs deliver an out-of-the-box fantastic seating experience, which can only be further enhanced by high-quality accessories by noblechairs. To adapt the gaming chair perfectly to the needs of the user, noblechairs offers practical 60 mm hard-floor wheels with automatic locking function , which stops annoying sliding and moving across the floor. In addition, shorter gas lifts allow for a lower overall height of the seat, which makes the chair the perfect throne even for smaller users.


Take it to the next level with a noblechairs footrest

Build on the premium comfort offered by noblechairs with a specially crafted footrest. Thanks to the ingenious design they can be adjusted by up to 57 degrees ensuring they match the angle of almost any recliner and designed to complement the EPIC and ICON series. The footrests come in a variety of different materials including leather and 5 luxury colour combinations.

Upgrade your noble experience from only £109.99

1 Month Comfort Guarantee

We are that confident you’ll love your new noblechair, in the unlikely event you aren’t 100% happy, Overclockers UK will arrange collection of your chair and offer a full refund*.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Product Specification:

Chair brand
Accent colour
Main colour
Seat cover material
PU leather, Fabric
Adjustable back rest
Height adjustable
Adjustable arm-rests
Maximum load
180 kg
27 kg
Seat belt openings
Deepest seating position (adjustable)
49.5 cm
Highest seating position (adjustable)
59.5 cm
Seat tilt
Seat width (inside)
35 cm
Seat width outside (widest point)
56 cm
Seat length
49.5 cm
Backrest height
87 cm
Back rest width (inside)
52 cm
Backrest width outside (widest point)
56 cm
Overall height (with base)
131 - 141 cm
Head rest cushion included
Lumbar support cushion included
Base material
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