GSP 600 Closed Cup Gaming Headset And GSX 1000 Amplifier Bundle Review



Performance And Features


• 7.1 Sennheiser Binaural Rendering Engine (Surround Sound reborn).
• Exceptional immersion – delivering outstanding audio performance in movies, music and games.
• Aluminum volume wheel and high-quality materials for long-lasting durability.
• Switch between your headset and speakers with the touch of a button.
• Adjust game and communication audio separately.
• Sidetone – adjust the loudness of your own voice in the headset.
• EQ settings – Story, music, eSports, off/neutral.
• German-engineered Sennheiser transducers ensure exceptional audio clarity with superb dynamics and extended bass response
• Closed-back acoustic design, ergonomic ear cushions and advanced hinge system provide excellent passive noise attenuation
• Advanced noise-cancelling broadcast quality microphone for crystal-clear in game communication
• New headband design features adjustable contact pressure providing a customized fit for every user




Ear cups don’t make your ears sweat.
Adjustable headband with a new slider system on top that provides more options.
Mic is crystal clear according to my friend on Discord.
Can wear for hours without worrying about head fatigue.
Removable braided cables that are very light weight.
Simple design for a Gaming Headset.
Good amount of Bass.
Built like a tank.
Sound gives pinpoint accuracy while gaming
Slightly heavier but very durable and comfortable
Noise cancelling is incredible




Mic is a little short.
No lines on the notches to show how far you have moved each side.
Would be nice to have removable ear cups like the Astro A40 TR.
A little on the heavy side.
Some head shapes have issues with the fit
Poor bass
Listening to music not too good
Too expensive




Overall positive user comments but a bit pricey and must buy with the amplifier for best performance.


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