Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard





Three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting 10+ vivid RGB lighting modes allow you to choose between multicolour static backlighting or immersive lighting effects.
6 programmable macro keys Assign single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the 6 dedicated macro keys, on-the-fly, without any additional software required to be installed.
Dedicated volume and multimedia controls Adjust your audio without interrupting your game with direct access to volume and media playback.
Quiet and responsive keys Minimum noise and satisfying feel without sacrificing performance.
Multi-key anti-ghosting Your commands and simultaneous keystrokes register the way you intended.
Detachable soft rubber wrist rest Additional comfort to support your gameplay during marathon gaming sessions.
Windows Key Lock model Stay focused on the game and avoid distraction by disabling the Windows key while you’re in action.
Keyboard tilt adjustment Collapsible feet at the bottom of the keyboard allow an optimal gaming experience to minimize fatigue.




Competitive price at £38.78
Quiet high-profile keys
Included wrist rest
No software needed for RBG lighting
Programmable keys
Included media buttons
It’s quiet, it’s beautiful, the keys do feel a bit slick and like a potential grease magnet but that just means it’s up to me to keep my area clean.




the Caps Lock and Num Lock indicators stop working randomly and intermittently.
Longevity, I have had this keyboard for 2 months and have already lost control of some of the special functions related to lighting and locking keys. Can regain it shortly if unplugging and plugging back in but definitely going downhill. If anyone has had similar issues let me know if there is a fix.
Colors, do not love the color options, I usually just keep a white background, but it would be nice if there was a way to more subtly fade into other colors.


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